Posada Pfullendorf
Posada Pfullendorf
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Posada Pfullendorf (Sólo Adultos)
Posada Pfullendorf (Sólo Adultos)

History of Pfullendorf

Halfway between Lake Constance and the Danube Valley, south of Germany almost to the limit with Switzerland, and at an altitude between 602 and 741 meters. Above sea level lies the town of Pfullendorf, surrounded by beautiful gardens and beautiful lakes.

Located in the Swabian Region, its 13,500 inhabitants are characterized by their industriousness.

A little history:
S. VII and VIII. : Colonization of Alemannen Pfullen-dorf.

June 20, 1220: The Emperor of Staufen, Frederick II, elevates the city to the rank of * Imperial Free City *.

1416:Pfullendorf organizes his rights in a union constitution and acquires, during the Council of Constanza, the right to establish the Supreme Court of Justice.

1803-1936: Pfullendorf was attributed to Baden as an administrative city.

1936: Pfullendorf is awarded to the district of Überlingen.

Since 1973: Pfullendorf is part of the District of Sigmaringen.